Solar Water Pump Controllers

Our plug and play solar pump controllers provide best performance and reliability along with IP65 protection with remote monitoring and optional grid supply input in case of no solar power availability. Our all solar pump controller is designed for the latest MNRE guidelines.

PMSM (Vector Control Drives)

PMSM motor has way batter dynamic response, High power and torque density as well as rated torque availability at very low speed makes it suitable in many industries. We have a range of high performance true sinusoidal Vector controlled PMSM motor controller along with IP65 ingress protection standard which enables theses motor controller work at the tough industrial environment and gives the best efficiency performance and long life.


Brushless DC motors typically have better efficiency, quiet, lighter and have much longer lifespan compared to an induction motor. It is often used in modern devices where low noise and low heat are required, especially in devices that run continuously.

Induction (FOC Drive)

As 90% motor in the industry is induction motors, we have designed field-oriented control-based induction motor industrial drive to get the best performance from induction motor that it can deliver. This FOC based drive increases the overall efficiency of the motor and produces considerable torque at low speed which is much needed in many industries and in many applications.


  • Own designed and developed controller
  • Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS)
  • Data logging facility: on SD Card, Mobile & Server
  • Keypad: Parameter selection and modification
  • Display: LCD
  • Protection: SPD, MCB optional (As per MNRE Guidelines)
  • Enclosure: IP65 (UV light & Water proof)
  • Range: 1 to 10 HP
  • Motor Technology: PMSM, BLDC & Induction
  • Parameter Configuration: Auto Tuning
  • Make: Made in India

Technical Specifications

Parameters 1 HP 3 HP 5 HP 7.5 HP 10 HP
Input Voltage(DC) 50-160V 110-550V 110-800V 110-600V 110-800V
MPPT Voltage(DC) 80-125V 180-400V 320-640V 220-460V 320-640V
Output Voltage (DC) 0-75V 0-230V 0-350V 0-270V 0-350V
Output Frequency 0-400Hz
Max. Output Power 1000W 2800W 4800W 6500KW 9000W
Max. Current 10A 18A

Enclosure Details

Ingress Protection(IP) 65
Impact Protection(IK) 07
Material ABS/Aluminium
Dimension(W x L x H)
      180 X 280 X 130 (1 HP)
      280 X 380 X 130 (3 to 10 HP)